This list makes me sound bitter. I promise I'm not!
  1. Hey all the Jills out there, your jillibean name is not original. (Not Facebook per se, but posting pics from Instagram.)
    Should be pretty easy to figure out when jillibean3725275 was already taken.
  2. I know your baby turned from 3 months old to 4 months old. I know that because of the shirts you put him in. But I also know that because of the 30 consecutive days you posted pics of him in-between that time.
  3. Hey, I think that Oakleys ad on Facebook for $24.99 is spam. But maybe it's me who's missing out on the deal of a lifetime.
  4. When people post the same pic and say, "it never gets old." It gets old for this guy. And there's a lot of people on my side of the fence.
  5. When people start off saying, "I'm not a racist, but...." Dude, you're a racist.