There's a lot to work with here.
  1. Arrested Development meets 30 Rock
    Two of my all time favorites and the character combo interactions are endless. Jack and Lucille, Liz and Gob, Buster and Kenneth.
  2. Full House meets Friday Night Lights
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    There's not a lot to this pairing other than me wanting to see Coach Taylor give that super agitated look to Danny being annoying.
  3. Seinfeld meets Friends
    Clash of the Titans part I
  4. Saved by the Bell meets Dawson's Creek
    Clash of the Titans part 2
  5. Modern Family meets Married with Children
    What happens to Al when he sees he's become Jay?
  6. The Brady Bunch meets Freaks and Geeks
    The whole Brady clan needs a dose of reality. This is where they'll get it.
  7. House of Cards meets Scandal
    I'd really like to see Olivia take on Frank as a client. And I'd like Frank to off a couple people on Scandal. Mainly Fitz.
  8. The Office meets Happy Days
    Hey Fonzie, meet Michael Scott
  9. Family Matters meets The Wonder Years
    Hey Urkel, meet Jack Arnold
  10. Breaking Bad meets The Wire
    What if it were Mcnulty and the crew going after Mr. White?
  11. Hey Arnold meets Doug
    Football head steals Patti from Doug. Roger Klotz courts Helga. Love drama for days.