1. West Wing Wednesday
    After a hard night of clubbing, it's time to binge watch some West Wing. If you don't think 0 to 100 was about CJ and Danny's relationship, you're dead wrong.
  2. Free hugs Thursday
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    I'm convinced Drake has a free hugs tattoo.
  3. Friday: DeadJournal writing
    "Based on the same open source code as LiveJournal, BUT WITH A DARKER MOOD" Gotta spend some time getting those emo feeling into raps.
  4. Saturday: Recreate scene from the 1990 hit movie Ghost
    They take turns playing Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg
  5. Sunday: Re-watch all of Oprah's favorite things episodes.
    Every Sunday Drake forces Makonnen to scream, "It's DRAAAAAAAAAKE!"
  6. Monday: Make remixes to their song, Tuesday
    Here's a sample: Got the grub goin down, my belly on a Monday The bagels are all cut, and we huuuungry Stove goin up, nobody flippin' jacks now Just ate 3 in a row, we call that short stacks now