An appropriate first list
  1. My name is Pradnya Nindhita
    It's sanskrit so I basically share the same first name with Indians and Balinese. I'm none of them.
  2. It's really difficult to pronounce for a lot of people
    Prad-ña, not Pra-dee-nee-a or any of the variations
  3. My given nickname is Niken
    Ask my parents about it
  4. I don't know why I'm being open about this online
    Hopefully it will not affect negatively
  5. My brother also has completely different given nickname
    My parents love to confuse people around I guess
  6. My last name is not my father's name
    In our culture it is not necessary to have family name
  7. But I have to add my name if I want to go to Saudi Arabia
    Three names name is a must in passport
  8. My primary school is really professional about it
    I don't think I have to explain the name situation until I was in secondary school when I moved away
  9. Friends like to give me new nicknames
    Nicksey is one of them, which I don't mind because they can spell and pronounce my real name
  10. There are people who think I'm part Indian
    Understandable, although it should not happen that often. The last time I was asked this was last Tuesday
  11. There is only one other person I know that exists with this name
    But she doesn't have the silent H and her nickname is Rara. The last time I checked we have one mutual friends on Facebook
  12. I'm really proud of my name
    It's a unique name with beautiful meaning behind it that acts like a prayer my parents have for me.
  13. Y'