I almost finished eps 4 so here are my thoughts so far
  1. The main reason to watch this is because Brit Marling
    She's just so beautiful and so special. Her works are so pretty to look at.
  2. Her other work that I could remember to have had watch is I Origins
    Her works are mostly dealing into some weird topics
  3. So I was expecting for something entirely different from what I usually watch
  4. Watched the trailer and thought her character would be similar to that girl from Room
    It caught me off guard quite a bit bcs she seemed to keep herself together
  5. She was gone for 7 years yeah?
    The internet went through so much changes in those years and her character didn't seemed to be impressed by it
  6. Especially she was blind before she kept captive
  7. Then after the pilot, the story is just basically of people listening to a white girl telling her weird story, every night for an hour
    Don't they get sleepy during the day? Why do they keep coming back?
  8. It's been at least four days and these ppl just keep coming back
    Why? The place is dark and cold plus all you get is existential crisis
  9. Why don't these people just ask her to get to her point??
    Aren't there three people need their help? Why are they wasting time?
  10. I probably should just finish watching the series to get the answers
  11. Where the fuck she got the name The OA?
    What even is The OA?
  12. Just like the famous movie quote
    I'll be back