McDonald's is not the only one has regional menus
  1. Indonesia always have the rice + chicken (+ drinks) package
    If it's not with rice, then it is considered as snack not a full meal 🍴
  2. Singapore has superior Mcflurry
    Creme Brule Mcflurry, I miss you
  3. Singapore is so small, everywhere you live is within delivery area
    I'm currently living outside Domino's delivery area.
  4. KFC tastes better in Indonesia
    Bigger doesn't mean better, sometimes small can be more flavorful
  5. Singapore has Grape Fanta while Indonesia has Strawberry 🍓 Fanta
    One reminds me of a 🔥 day after school while the other reminds me of a long day spent walking around
  6. Cheese fries 🍟 are better in Singapore
  7. Shaker fries is not available in Indonesia
    And that's incredibly rude