Happy International Women's Day To be fair, this is a shortlist but these women have occupied my mind for awhile as a form of inspiration. I think it's just not fair to not share them with you guys.
  1. Alexandra Van Houtte Founder of tag-walk.com
    As someone who's not into fashion as much as should be considering my line of work, Tag Walk is a website that I'd like to use more. Coming up an idea out of frustration is also a lowkey goal of mine. Kudos to Alexandra for launching a much needed website for the fashion industry.
  2. Yasmin Green Head of Research and Development at Jigsaw
    I hope top ISIS members know that their online ads aren't getting to people as much as they want to because of Yasmin Green. A Google tech incubator, Jigsaw is using Google search algorithm and YouTube videos to discourage potential ISIS members in giving them credible information.
  3. Tsamara Amany Founder of perempuanpolitik.id
    She's my age and we are born in the same country. Indonesia needs more people like her and for them to be widely known. Even though we have had a female president, we are still far from getting women in more places. Thanks to her we are getting into the right direction.
  4. Salima Visram Founder of Soular
    Soular is a backpack that is equipped with solar energy technology to power electricity. I would like to support profit-with-purpose like this and if it possible I would like to be involve in one. It would be a honor to be able to do meaningful work.
  5. Final note
    I'm sure there are many other women that are equally inspiring as these women. I hope I would have the chance in working with them or having the opportunity to make as much impaxr as them. So here's to all women, be the bold change you want to see in this world.