1. 🌯
    My favorite food! I could eat burritos everyday for the rest of my life. 😍
  2. ☕️
    Coffee is the only thing I drink besides water. Basically.
  3. 🐱
    Cat because I will be a crazy cat lady one day. And I have two kitties now that mean the world to me.
  4. 🙄
    Rolling my eyes because I'm done with people's shit.
  5. 💀
    Skull because that is me in the morning. Worse than a zombie. I just sit there not getting up.
  6. My favorite weather. Eventually I will live somewhere where it happens non stop. Then I will be happy.
  7. 👻
    It sucks being funny and silly, yet being invisible to everyone around me. Almost feels like I'm a ghost.