1. He has no political experience
  2. He makes fun of the disabled
  3. He called John McCain 'a war hero because he was captured' and went on to say 'I like people who weren't captured'
    So does this mean A Trump Presidency won't being home American Troops who are held as POWs
  4. He wants to build walls
  5. His candidacy is making a mockery of America
  6. His slogan is based on backward un-American Ideas
    When did America stop being great…
  7. He attacked a judge for his Hispanic heritage
  8. He is a racist plan and simple.
  9. Several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have stated they resign if he is elected.
  10. He puts the Military and our veterans in danger just simply by him being elected
  11. He is a carnival barker
  12. He can't argue and therefore has to attack his enemies
  13. Several members of his own party have their doubts about his leadership
  14. He attacks New Americans
  15. He demonizes and belittles women