1. Why are you doing rhis
  2. There is way to much info for me to cover in 15 to 18 pages
  3. Your rules as far as formatting go are crazy
  4. Like who counts lines on a page
  5. Why do we need to label everything
  6. What's the point of this class
  7. Why do you insist on this type of formatting
  8. Why do we need endnotes
  9. Why APA
  10. Everyone else leaves citations to our discretion
  11. I really don't like you, I'm sure after writing the paper I'll like you even less
  12. Perhaps there is a point.
  13. Immigration Reform why won't Congress just work
  14. Why don't we follow the Constitution and allow for those who are undocumented to have a right to legal counsel
  15. So much of this paper has to deal with criminal justice reform
  16. Why can't we solve both
  17. We could if Congress would just work the hell together
  18. Why an odd number of sources
  19. Knowing that we all are immigrants and yet we still can't solve this problem.
  20. Why only 25 lines per page…