1. What are all of these people waiting on/for
  2. I wonder who's going to die today.
    Yes this is a thought I have, right now at the present moment
  3. This isn't very bad
  4. Not very stressful
  5. This one man is very loud. He should be quiet.
  6. Starbucks everywhere all around me. Note: Coffee in the cafeteria is much better and much cheaper
  7. Some people are wearing crazy looking hats
  8. Most people are on their phones or iPads. This is really destroying our common heritage people
    And yes I realize I am a hypocrite
  9. I do wonder what procedures these people are having done to them
  10. As I look around it is mainly people over the Age of 30, I'm clearly the youngest person here and probably the only one creating a list
  11. The gift shop is horrible
  12. It's nice outside. I want to go outside. I can't find a way to the outside though. Note: I'm not a patient. So everyone who reads this calm down.
  13. It's interesting sitting here observing these people.
  14. Fox News is on… which makes it extra depressing in here…
  15. Is that belt buckle really necessary
  16. Fox is peddling BS
  17. At least some of the Doctors are good looking
  18. I saw an organ incubator…
    Which was both creepy and weird re: personal history with Organ transplantation
  19. I guess maybe to the average reader they may be thinking I'm a bit of a weirdo since I created this list while observing people at a hospital. But then again I'm here as well…
  20. So I've spent the whole day in the waiting area… at the very least I got to play checkers with my grandmother.
  21. I don't like this hospital, I most certainly prefer Pittsburgh's hospital to this one.
  22. I am tired. And I've done absolutely nothing today…
  23. This is tiring
  24. Some man is flipping out right now about a Pregnancy Test not being on file or something
  25. Did I remember to put the car in park.
  26. Why are babies crying so much.
  27. Kids yell wayyyyy to much
  28. And they don't listen.