1. Plan one vacation per year that isn't centered around somebody else's celebration
  2. Cook more Pizza
  3. Cook with more colors
  4. Stop shopping with fast fashion companies
  5. Finish reading GOT and pick up the novellas
  6. Invest in some land
  7. Separate and sort laundry (every load, not just some)
  8. Buy a classy headboard
  9. Invest in a piece of art
  10. Write everyday
  11. Eat more vegetables
  12. Drink more water
  13. Wear Sunscreen....(borrowed)
  14. Host a dinner party
  15. Cook a rack of lamb
  16. Make Paella
  17. Re-learn how to fucking sew
  18. A weekend in Joshua Tree and an open mind #noragrets
  19. Wear more hats
  20. Maybe it's time for night cream and other potions from the apothecary
  21. Drink more Riesling
  22. Bring back pros and cons lists
  23. Make travel happen
  24. Support local farms more often than just the summer season