The only research put into this was years of pop culture observation.
  1. Ahoy!
    As in "Ships ahoy!" and later, the tastier "Chips ahoy!"
  2. Avast ye!
    I know not what this means.
  3. Yo ho.
    Kermit the Frog uses the evolved "Hi ho," in his day-to-day speech.
  4. Booty.
    Treasured innuendo.
  5. Shiver me timbers.
    More innuendo.
  6. Thar she blows.
    Thar it is. Right thar.
  7. Walk the plank
    I hope pirates really said this.
  8. Arrrggghhh!
    A pirate's favorite letter.
  9. Aye, aye.
    Unless they have an eyepatch, then it's just, "aye."
  10. Scurvy scum.
    Great pirate insult. Cured with Vitamin C.