It's like house hunters except all the houses are 500 sq ft or less. I've watched many episodes over break.
  1. Tiny homes are cool
    I like them
  2. It produces some of the best unintentional comedy on TV. Every episode, when a couple is touring a home, someone says something like "Well, I don't know, it's a bit small."
    Bruh. You're on tiny house hunters. You signed up for this.
  3. There are always so many variations of this comment and it makes me laugh every time
    If I were the real estate agent I would not know what to say in response.
  4. "I liked the house a lot, but I don't know if I could imagine having people over and entertaining"
    It's a tiny house
  5. "Oh wow, this is nice, look how big the bedroom is"
    So you're looking for something big?
  6. "It does feel slightly cramped in here"
    It's a... tiny house
  7. "This fridge can't hold very much."
    Alright, as a reminder, no one is forcing you to buy a tiny home
  8. 5/5 stars