1. Marine Biologist (7-10 yrs old)
    Before I learnt how Orcas and other sea mammals made their way into giant swimming pools, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist and work at Sea World. My bedroom walls looked like the bottom of the ocean, in pastel shades of blues, purples and pinks, dotted with fish and coral.
  2. Fashion Designer (12-14 yrs old)
    Torn out magazine pages began covering the walls of my childish underwater bedroom at a rapid rate. Guess, Roxy, Billabong, DKNY ads from floor to ceiling in a collage of clothes, hair, makeup and models. I sketched outfits, designed a jacket my Dad told me would cost way too much to make (he was in the clothing industry) and watched hours of FTV and MTV, fixated.
  3. Housewife (16 yrs old)
    Lost my mind for a year while I dated a guy a few years older than me. He was one of those old school arseholes who believe women (aka wife and mother of your kids) don't really need a career and should just stay at home raising the family. I should've known better having a mother who very successfully ran her own business with my father, along with having 3 incredibly busy kids. Sure, she had help, but she still did it. I was a mixed up teenager, we all make mistakes.
  4. Criminologist (17 yrs old)
    Took Criminology for 2 years in high-school and managed to fly through the subject with straight A's. My teacher told me I'd be a brilliant criminologist but the nightmares I began having while doing my final project on serial killers affected me pretty badly. Seriously researched how I could work for the FBI but seemed so far-fetched I lost interest.
  5. Chef (18 yrs old)
    Began to get serious about what I could realistically "be" when I grew up and fell back on a skill that I'd been working on since before I could read. Having a Cordon Bleu trained chef as a parent had its effects on me from an early age, so naturally I could cook, was 8 months away from matriculating, and decided to go to culinary school. In hindsight I should've taken a couple of gap years, gone to London like most of my peers and grown up a bit more before I studied, but I didn't.