I party HARD
  1. Took a final
    And someone started to throw up in the beginning of it, if that tells you how it went
  2. Went to get chick-fil-a
  3. Discovered the chick-fil-as on campus are closed so settled for some peanut butter crackers
  4. Studied a little bit with my friend
    (I still have 2 more finals left, death take me)
  5. Stalked josh and Tyler from twenty one pilots instagrams from my computer
    Pretending to study
  6. Got bubble tea with study friend
    Taro milk the ~ quite good
  7. Called my grandma back
    She called me during my exam. She didn't answer when I called back, I see how it is g-ma
  8. Waited for birthday texts from two people I've been looking forward to getting birthday texts from
  9. Didn't really get birthday texts from the two people I've been looking forward to getting birthday texts from
  10. Got many kind texts from many other people so it's all good mostly
  11. Went out to dinner with my family and roommate
    My parents and brother decided to come up to see me for the evening
  12. Watched an episode of Crown
    so good
  13. Shaved
    It's been like several weeks... the leg hairs had started to curl
  14. Invited someone who I wanted to see today to come out with some of our other friends later
    Haven't received a reply 😔
  15. Got a lil tipsy off of wine with my family because all I had all day was oatmeal and some crackers
  16. Went to a party with my friend and saw some high school friends
  17. Went to go to karaoke
  18. Karaoke was apparently 21+ so we couldn't go because not everyone was 21
  19. Decided to go to my friends house instead and we got there and bunch of my friends surprised me!!
    I've never had a surprise party, so it was really nice
  20. One of the people who I really wanted to text me called me and we talked and the other one was at the party
  21. I drank a lot and had a good time :)))
    I have great friends :')
  22. Drunk bday selfie