A metaphor for college

can you guess who has midterms this week
  1. This FUCKING scene from the movie "The Impossible": https://youtu.be/v4oWUFH19Fs
    Please watch it. It gives me ~chills~ every time
  2. You start off the semester feelin good. Syllabus week, you see your friends again, everything is chill
  3. But then...
  4. Things start picking up and you get a bad feeling
  5. Professors start assigning bucketfuls of homework, you don't understand what's going on in class...
  6. And out of fucking nowhere comes HELL WEEK
    Three tests, a lab report due, and homework all at once
  7. You're drowning you're drowning you're drowning
    Everything sucks. You forget what a good nights rest feels like, and the only break you get is playing solitaire on the toilet
  8. But then hell week is over and you can come up for a breath of air
    But like you still have homework and other responsibilities so ya still gotta tread water
  9. There are some casualties
    People drop classes or change majors so those of you left cling to each other for dear life
  10. But right when you think you're doing fine...
    (I couldn't find a gif of that moment of the actual movie and also I hope that guy is okay :///)
  12. And maybe you make it out alive but maybe you don't
    And do NOT even get me started on finals
  13. But then the semester ends and you get a month or two off and you think it wasn't that bad
    So you go back to the metaphorical beach and repeat the process like 7 more times
  14. 😊😊😊