My dad recently uncovered this real life letter I wrote around freshman year of high school of me trying to explain to my mom my side of some argument. I am now simultaneously amused and embarrassed.
  1. Dear mother, or should I say woman who doesn't liston to me
    (If that doesn't scream teen angst, I don't know what does.)
  2. Tonight, was mostly a misunderstanding.
    (Sounds reasonable. But just you wait.)
  3. As you know, Chris and Bryan (my brothers) can overexaggerate.
  4. When I 'threw' the phone at Bryan, I tossed it nicely. He overagerated. I promise.
  5. Also, I didn't know I had to stay in my room for the whole dang night. I came down for food. And I saw Bryan off the Wii. I decided to play. He got angry and called you.
    (Ah, throwback to getting sent to my room)
  6. I hit him, not even hard. It was one of those hits that say 'why'd u do that?'
    (I think I thought I would be more credible if I admitted my wrongdoing??)
  7. He then got a bowl, threw it at me and hit Maggie (our cat) cuz I was holding her. As I walked up the stairs he kept pretending to throw the bowl at me.
    (Geez where were my parents during this whole ordeal?? He got a BOWL and threw it at me? We were all problem children.)
  8. Also, I had asked them to help me clean a little. Their computer game was much more important. So when Bryan was doing the dishes earlier, he was kissing up.
    (I was having NONE of Bryan's ass-kissing shenanigans)
  9. Lastly, after you finish reading this letter, PLEASE don't come and sit in my bed and try to be compassionate. Just leave me alone.
    (You don't understand me. No one understands me. Only the black abyss knows my inner turmoil.)
  10. I really don't want to talk to the woman who wouldn't give me the chance to talk.
  11. Lastly lastly, I need my sleep since I woke up early and am exhausted from all of this hate. I will HAVE to miss church.
    (The life of an angsty teen truly is taxing.)
  12. My letter is over, love ya,
  13. Nicole Vieger
  14. And if you don't believe this is real, here's the proof:
  15. Why did I think this would paint me in a good light??
  16. But despite how embarrassing the letter is, I am glad this stage in my life was documented.
    Bless my dear mother for keeping this through all those years.