My cousins have a cool park/green belt/creek bed near their house where we play whenever we see them
  1. Acquire a group of people who would like to play and designate one person to be It
    There will probably be some arguments as to who should be It, considering it's the worst position to have in the game
  2. It counts to 45 while everyone runs and disperses into the woods
  3. At the end of 45 seconds, It begins the search for Its first prey who he/she will try to tag
  4. Once It tags someone, that person becomes It along with the original It (hence, zombie tag)
    Every person who is tagged becomes It with the other Its until everyone is tagged
  5. The game ends when everyone is tagged
  6. Don't be afraid to slide down steep, loose dirt drop offs to the creek bed below, using weak treat roots that feel like they'll rip out of the ground at any minute to slow your descent
    When It is coming after you, any idea of personal safety go out the window
  7. See someone who's It coming down the beaten path? Make a break for it and carve your own path through some thorn bushes and spiky trees
  8. If you're slower than everyone else (like me) tread quietly, only stepping on the dirt and avoiding the crunchy, noisy leaves until you hear someone
    Then, slowly stalk them and hide behind trees until you are close enough to jump out and tag them
  9. My battle scars
    Not too bad actually
  10. Static
  11. My brother got the worst cuts
  12. Tip: wear jeans
  13. And that's how you play zombie tag!