I can't handle the cold

  1. I recently went on a road trip to Colorado with some friends
  2. It got to the coldest that I've ever been
    I've lived in south Texas my whole life. Once classes were cancelled because it was going to be really cold with a CHANCE of rain. So in the land of actual snow, I was ill prepared both in mind and in body
  3. Here are a couple reasons I don't think I could make it up north
  4. Exhibit A
  5. Also I didn't bring a winter coat
    I don't own a winter coat
  6. And temperatures were in the negatives...
    So I wore like 4 thermals and a hoodie
  7. Look at everyone in their nice, warm coats
  8. and then there's me in my hoodie
  9. I got so claustrophobic wearing so many layers
    I had to consciously keep myself from hyperventilating over the fact that I couldn't bend my arms all the way. I just wanted to rip all the layers off
  10. Don't let the smile fool you: I was incredibly cold. The wind was biting at my poor gloveless hand while I was trying to bite at my sandwich
  11. I bought gloves at Walmart after that
  12. Luckily I finally acquired an actual coat from my friends cousin:
  13. I said "I wasn't bred for this" constantly
    With regards to walking on ice, being in the cold, etc.
  14. I had to DRIVE on the snow and ice
    There was a SNOW STORM the day we got there!!!
  15. Luckily I had a big mini van with all wheel drive
    I went sooooo slow and got honked at numerous times
  16. I was like, sushi is NOT on the menu so I will not be fish tailing
    I was about 80% that I would start spinning and hit something but I didn't
  17. I have never missed Texas so much
  18. I'm so done with THIS
  19. And happy to back where it's 66 degrees