these were very defining moments in my development
  1. [UNRESOLVED] There's a greenbelt behind my neighborhood, and one time when I was 6ish, I was at my friend's house and we were playing in his backyard when we heard a terrifying goblin-like laugh from seemingly close by from the greenbelt. We BOLTED hard for the house
    It legit sounded like a goblin, IDK. I don't know how anyone could imitate that. I still think about this from time to time. What was it?
  2. [RESOLVED] Once I was lying in bed Christmas Eve when I heard SLEIGH BELLS outside my window (after which I ran out of my room to tell my parents I heard Santa only to discover them under the tree and have them tell me to go back to bed right now)
    And lemme tell ya, this was an internal struggle for YEARS. Because like, Santa probably wasn't real, but I definitely heard those sleigh bells. Well, a few years ago (probably ~12 yrs after the initial event), my neighbor said "yeah one year I went up and down the street ringing some bells but no one ever said anything about it." I Jim-faced the invisible camera so hard in that moment
  3. [RESOLVED] I was playing in the greenbelt with my other neighbor. There was some red smeared stuff on a couple of trees. He told me that he and his friends got in a battle and that was their blood. I believed this for years (I was dumb)
    Probably just paint.
  4. [UNRESOLVED] my family would be driving somewhere and my dad would say "down" and the windows would roll down. And at first my brothers and I were like "haha, we know you can control all the windows with the buttons near you" but then he would raise both hands up (while driving I might add) and the windows would still roll down when he said "down"
    How did he do it?? Did my mom also have control?