Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. My grandfather stole people's kidneys and sold them on the black market
    And he's funding my college education with the money
  2. I donated bone marrow once
  3. I'm changing my major from engineering to British literature
  4. I tried to get into Oprah's show for years
  5. When I had my first kiss (twice I lied)
    This girl wanted to know about my first kiss but I didn't want to tell her so I bent the truth about one kiss I'd had. Then later I didn't want her getting too chummy with me so I told her I lied about my first kiss and made up a story about how my first kiss was on an ice rink in DC while it was lightly snowing (sorry @ktwoodburn you were there when I told this, I didn't want to lie to you but you were just the collateral damage ):
  6. I was banned from Russia as a child for being too ugly
  7. I'm training to be a professional boxer
  8. Plot twist: one of these lies is a lie that I haven't actually told