1. There was this girl on my soccer team in high school. Her name was Nicole.
    Just like mine
  2. She had moved here from Africa, and was strange (in a funny way)
  3. Like, if there was a black person on the opposing soccer team, she would say she was her cousin
    But it was true once, so we never knew when she was joking
  4. Everyday at practice I would ask for the time
    Because I was counting down the minutes 'till I could get home and eat
  5. And she would always answer me
    And at first I thought she was just making up a time
  6. But we would check with one of the water girls who had their phones, and Nicole was always correct within a couple minutes
  7. I was always bewildered and questioned how she did it so accurately every time
  8. Nicole would just smile and say she learned how to tell the time with the sun in Africa
  9. And every time, I squinted at the sun and judged the feasibility of telling the time with accuracy of minutes based off the angle of the sun
    I deemed that it probably wasn't possible, but how was she doing it???
  10. I always looked for a hidden watch or phone but never saw one
  11. "How do you do it???" I asked each time
  12. "The sun" she responded with a smile
  13. A year of this went on, and then it started to near the end of the season (my last season), and I asked her again
  14. I guess my voice sounded desperate because she pulled me aside so no one else could hear
  15. She pointed across the field to the street just as a bus was stopping, and began to explain
  16. She had apparently memorized the bus schedule and would just watch for when the buses stopped
  17. And when I asked for the time, she would estimate how long ago the last bus stopped and add that to the time it was supposed to stop
  18. She had been playing me this whole time
  21. Boy, she got me good