this is low key a humble brag list but also it shows nothing is at it appears (aka I appear calm, cool, and collected on the outside when in reality I'm a jumbled up mess)
  1. When a girl on my soccer team told me that whenever she gets the ball, she tried to be more like me since I stay so composed and don't panic
    This FLOORED me because all I do is panic when I get the ball and just try to get it off my foot as quickly as possible
  2. When on three separate occasions, three different people expressed their surprise to finding out I'm a junior. Each person said "I always thought you were a senior. I guess it's because you're so confident"
    And each time under the surface I was like ??? I'm literally just stumbling through life with little clue about anything but they see confidence somehow
  3. When my friend wrote me a card for my birthday and he started it off with, "You are, in all sincerity, one of the kindest, friendliest, and most genuine individuals I have ever had the pleasure of not only meeting, but befriending."
    I would never use any of those adjectives to describe myself. The mosh I would describe myself is "kind of nice"
  4. I'm sure there are other people that see me as worse than I see myself but I think I've repressed those memories. Oh well.