When they go low, we go high

  1. So last year, I had some issues with one of my roommates (we'll call her Laur)
  2. And not "oh she never does the dishes" type of issues
  3. No, she was a very manipulative and extremely toxic person
  4. I already knew what she was like because she had mistreated one of my best friends. Laur constantly told her she wasn't good enough and wouldnt allow her to hang out with other people
    But when all this shit was going down between them, I had already signed a lease with her so I couldn't get away
  5. But anyways, last year was probably one of the worst years of my life
    I won't get into all the details, but Laur basically made my life hell, my anxiety was a constant state that I didn't even realize I was in until it started to go away, and I lost two of my closest friends to her (I know now maybe they weren't the best of friends)
  6. So yeah, last year was hard because two people I cared about were suddenly out of my life and best friends with the girl who I had seen be so toxic to my best friend, me, my other roommate, and plenty other people i didn't know
  7. Luckily she moved out. I thought I would be done with her but no
    Her only friends are people in my major so I still have to see her
  8. And I just found out she's been telling some of my other friends that I manipulated her, was a total bitch to her, turned my other roommate against her, and that she didn't know that I liked my friend when she started dating him
    Every. Single. One. Of these is a lie.
  9. And the thing is, I'm not super good friends with the people she's telling this to so they could believe it. But I'm close enough that I still see them a lot and care what they think about me
  10. And I keep repeated Michelle obamas quote "when they go low we go high"
  11. And I've been trying so hard to live by that
    Because she can say all this shit about me but if I remain kind, people will have doubts about what she's said. But if I sink to her level then I'm just confirming her accusations
  12. But that's so hard. And I'm not even sure if it'll work
  13. I cried for the first time since last year when she broke me down to tears
    But this time they were pure angry tears
  14. And the worst part is I don't know what else she's told who else
    Literally all I want is for her to be out of my life
  15. I guess I'll just keep on trying to go high