I promise I'm not as angsty or depressing as this list might suggest
  1. It's my life
    Shouldn't I have a voice on the subject of my existence?
  2. Being a spirit can be pretty tight
    I imagine I was just floating along, chilling before I was viscously ripped from my cloud home and inserted into the young baby that was me
  3. I've got responsibilities now
    The world thrusts all these adult things on me WHEN I DIDNT EVEN ASK FOR THEM
  4. I went through a brief Twilight faze
    Not only did my parents not consult my birth with me, they had me at the perfect time for my Twilight obsession to blossom in 6th grade. They couldn't have had me a few years earlier or later to avoid that embarrassing time in my life?
  5. I once dunked and ate several Oreos in milk before realized the milk was expired
    Wouldn't have happened if I was never born
  6. The world can be mean, y'all
    It ain't no place for a child (or an adult really)