Previously mentioned
  1. My uncle George's house
    So this is kinda a continuing theme in all of my memories so I'll just put it here because this shit is crazy. My uncle literally has like 80 of his family and friends at his house on Christmas Eve and has it catered with an open bar (he has a lot of money) and it was always fun growing up because we were always the hood cousins that fucked shit up and now later on in life it's even better because now I just get absolutely shitfaced and not talk to my extended family so merry christmas everyone
  2. My mom got us new pajamas every Christmas and let us open them on Christmas Eve
    This was lit
  3. My dad reading "the night before Christmas" whilst doing various celebrity impersonations
    My mom yelling "blasphemy" in the background
  4. When me and my sister got dance dance revolution for christmas
    Yo we fucked that shit up daily we were so fucking good
  5. One Christmas when I was in highschool it rained and I went running in the middle of a storm and this was a really sad time in my life but this moment was something else
  6. Last Christmas I fell in love and said so for the first time
    It was on facetime and a few weeks ago he finally unfollowed me on Instagram so it didn't last long only a few months but I think a lot of large flames can be put out if the circumstances are wrong enough I still think of him from time to time
  7. Sleeping in my sisters room in the attic so we could try to hear the reindeer land on the roof
    This one is even better now because I realize that Laura and Chris were like 13 and they knew Santa wasn't real and they were so elaborate in their compassion