These need discussion - from August to now (late October)
  1. This summer I went through this phase where I got my nails done when I was bored because there's a really cheap nail salon on my block
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  2. Aidan makes beats on his computer and sometimes I get really stoned and listen to them while eating peanut butter with a knife :)
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  3. Not sure how this got here
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  4. One time I had to shower in Brooke's building but I didn't have sandals so
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  5. This is from high school I know but look how fucking big ant is compared to me
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  6. This year I got really high and forgot that the tailgate is a sporting event and wore this
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  7. This is a photo that brooke promptly untagged herself from on facebook but I caught in perfect time :)
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  8. Really nice view from the library today but the chairs smell like mildew
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