These are the qualities, in my opinion, of being a "good stoner," or someone i find enjoyable to smoke with
  1. DTS - Down to smoke
    This means that you are usually available to smoke and, while smoking, are usually prepared to continue smoking throughout the night
  2. Talkative
    You have to be able to talk about stupid shit and in circles for hours. You also have to be capable of discussing politics, referencing history, and arguing your points. Constructive conversation is cool
  3. Taste in music
    Knowledgable of many genres, specifically smoking rap (the essentials: kendrick, kanye, asap, drake, j cole)
  4. Precision
    Capable of not making stupid fucking mistakes like spilling bong water, fucking up the rotation, forgetting that you're smoking, breaking shit, etc
  5. Breaking for food
    Food is not the objective but is always an option
  6. General stoner knowledge
    Lingo basics
  7. We are stoned at the moment