Non-vegas Things to Do in Vegas

Sometimes I have to go to Vegas for comedy. The problem is: I don't drink, I don't gamble and tourists ruin everything. So instead of being miserable about it, I explored the rest of Vegas. So here are some fun off-Strip activities to keep you occupied if and when you have to be in America's cultural toilet for more than 48 hours.
  1. Hike Red Rocks
    It's only 30 minutes away from the strip and there are tons of trails and fresh air you won't be breathing while you roam through the interconnected maze of hotel/casinos trying to find a sandwich that costs less than $18.
  2. Museums
    You're not going to find the equivalent of LACMA or The Louvre here, but you will find The Neon Graveyard which houses old signs from when Vegas was controlled by bloodthirsty murderers. Speaking of which, stop by The Mob Museum for a full history of organized crime in America. Don't forget to swing by The Atomic Testing Museum to find out just how much leftover desert radiation is eating at your organs while you gamble away your life savings.
  3. Pinball Hall of Fame
    This is sometimes billed as a museum, but it's actually just an arcade that specializes in pinball. And if you like pinball, this one's for you.
  4. Vintage
    The Arts District which is just north of the sludge that makes up the Vegas strip is full of vintage shops. If the 60s and 70s is your thing there will be tons of places that have what you're looking for and more. The shops in this part of town do a great job preserving the kitschy, kooky parts of Vegas that are now part of a bygone era.
  5. Coffee
    The Arts District and the newly renovated Fremont (downtown Vegas) area have a couple third wave coffee shops worth checking out, namely, PublicUs. Great atmosphere, super friendly staff and comfortable enough to hang out in and do work. Most importantly, the coffee program is run by a former U.S barista champion and the quality shows. It's my office away from home every time I visit.