The Four, Yes Four, Seasons of Los Angeles

People always like to joke that LA doesn't have seasons, but they are wrong. DEAD WRONG! Sorry for yelling. Here are all four of Los Angeles' seasons.
  1. Early Summer
    The season typically occurs between the months of January and March. The weather ranges from freezing arctic like conditions in the high 60s all the way up to brisk chilly temperatures peaking around 74.
  2. Mid Summer
    Finally the Ice Age is over! The months between April through June temperatures rise to an acceptable 72 to 80°. Skies stay mostly clear with the exception of what we call June gloom (roughly 3 days are a little hazy, but the temps stays the same).
  3. Fire Summer
    Holy fucking shit is the world about to end? Is this that scene from Terminator where Sarah Connor is holding onto the fence and a nuclear weapon is about to incinerate her and all of humanity? Nope it's just the months between July and September where all the life from all of the plants dries up and any amount of friction can cause a disastrous wildfire that will consume thousands of acres in under a day.
  4. Summerfall
    It's pretty much mid summer all over again but instead of June gloom some of the leaves that weren't incinerated during Fire Summer turn yellowish orange and look pretty.