My flight to Cabo was this morning at 10AM. Then the flight coming in for delayed until 10:30. After we finally boarded, some mechanical issue prevented us from leaving. We all got off and watch our flight time go from 10:30AM to 5:30PM. Here's how I kiledl 8 hours at an airport.
  1. Told myself to remain calm
    My immediate urge is to yell at customer service until I get answers and/or free stuff. It always works. I'm incredibly persuasive. I decided against it because it was going to be a long day of waiting and I needed the energy in cas the flight ended up being canceled later in the day.
  2. Ordered a $12 burger from Marmalade Cafe
    It actually wasn't bad and it came with fries (skinny, in case you're wondering, which you should be, because steak fries are for psychopaths).
  3. Received a $14 food voucher from United.
    I just spent money on food then went back to check on the flight when they said here's free food money. I almost spit in their faces.
  4. Ordered $14 worth of frozen yogurt
    Upon waking around looking for something edible to spend his voucher on I stumbled across a Yogurtland, which if you're not familiar, is a self serve frozen yogurt shop that charges you by weight. I proceeded to add every topping available until they were flowing over the edges of the cup. Onlookers were disgusted. $14 well spent.
  5. Learned and read about the Paris attacks
    I immediately stopped complaining about how bad my day was. Real tragedy strikes and perspective comes right with it. Life is just fine. I'm just not in a tropical paradise as early as I had liked to be. I'm a first world pussy who needs to quit whining.
  6. Bought a book of crosswords
    Completed 15 puzzles. I love crosswords and I used I do them every day back when everyone read paper newspapers. Also, LA Weekly had a great one, but, again, no more paper.
  7. Made some more progress on this interesting book I'm reading called 'Reclaiming Conversation.'
  8. Finally boarded a new flight.
    Waited an hour for the new pilot who was fighting traffic from Orange County. I didn't let it get to me. Instead...
  9. I wrote this list
    And it was fun.