This is from ages 6 - 15.
  1. International space traveler
    This lasted from roughly ages 6-10 when I thought we could, or very soon would be able to, cruise around all of the universe in technologically advanced super space jets and chill with friendly aliens.
  2. Spy
    There's no time to travel around in outer space! We got problems down here and I'm going to lurk in the shadows and take out all the bad guys who are causing them! I soon abandoned this dream after finding out there is SO MUCH TRAINING and not nearly enough slick suits, sexy cars and fast women.
  3. Rock star
    This dream collapsed when I found out you need to know how to play instruments or sing -or worse- both!! Ugh. I settled for becoming a super fan who takes it personally when people don't like the bands I like.
  4. Teacher
    13 year old me: "Authority figures suck. They are way too strict and spend most of their time ignoring us and making us take tests. I could do this better than they can. Unless something better comes along. But what could top the noble, rewarding profession of teaching?"
  5. Comedian
    Wait, I can tell jokes and be immature for a living??? Teach this, dick head teachers!