Cool Things That a night Happen at The Store
  1. Celeb Drop in
    A huge name who is normally way too busy to call ahead of time or put his or her name on the marquee might come in unexpectedly to work on some new material. The audience will be pleased to see this person or people and will feel like they were here on a very special night.
  2. A Drunk Idiot Will Be Kicked Out
    Some people think paying a cover charge entitles him to talk during the comedy show or use their phone or heckle and convince themselves they were just "helping the comedian." These morons will then be removed by security. Comics will be upset their art form isn't taken as seriously as it should be then they very quickly forget it ever happened.
  3. Molly
    The always pretty and always charming @mlh will make an appearance. Opinions and advice will be shared and the night will end perfectly.