Inspired by @mpd0814
  1. I'm 25 and live in Richmond, VA
    Grew up here, went to uni in Utah, and moved back 1 year ago
  2. Im married
    My wife's name is Alise (she's not on yet). Here's a pic of her from today.
  3. I work in technology/consulting.
    I develop client solutions at ProfitOptics.
  4. Startups and ideas are fun to me.
    Ask anyone I know.
  5. I'd like to end up in California.
    I've visited a lot and really really really like it there.
  6. I love traveling.
    Sounds cliché, but I do love it. Everything about it - people, places, food, sights, everything. Here's a pic from a hike at York River State Park.
  7. Im still trying to figure out my calling in life
    I'm 25, enjoy my work, bit still trying to figure out how to "make a dent in the universe"
  8. Religion is a big deal to me
    I'm active in my church, and believe strongly in God and Jesus Christ
  9. I like to take pictures with my iPhone.
    Who doesn't? I'm no NatGeo photographer, but I feel like I get a good shot every now and then... Check this one out.
  10. I like journaling but dont do it too much
    There was a point in my life when I journaled for two years straight, every day. And now I tweet (almost) everyday and consider that my journal... @nickpericle
  11. I've decided I like
    Platform is nice, easy to use. Im very pleased. I'll be back. 🙂