There has to be a hole in one of these screens I mean, MY GOD
  1. This bad mammer jammer
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    Spotted at 10:23PM. Attracted to the light in the bathroom. Appears hostile but we reached an agreement in which I was allowed to wash my face and brush my teeth while he was allowed to continue to live and incite fear in my heart. Locked him in the bathroom. He will be angry in the morning but he will be dealt with by more capable hands
  2. This swaggy moth
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    Spotted at 11:07PM. Real nice. Real mellow. Reminds me of this fancy wrapping paper I once bought
  3. This mantis of sorts
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    Spotted at 11:12PM. Jumped directly at my head. Hit the wall with a thud. Was very calm and understanding when I moved him away from my head. Is currently scaling the wall, planning his great escape
  4. This spider
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    Spotted at 12:01AM. Sent me flying in the air but actually seems rather uninterested in the human form. Mostly going after them moths, which I have mixed feelings about. Witnessing some real circle of life moments tonight