Because I just joined and after a brief search I want something more
  1. David Sedaris
    I know he doesn't actually do his own social media, but damn. I want some Thedarith.
  2. Anna Kendrick
    She rules all of the funny musings and self-deprecating/aggrandizing things. Why not this too????
  3. Dr. Denis Leary
    Just trust me.
  4. Eddie Izzard
    He's probably too busy running for Prime Minister or something by now, but I have a hankering for his brand of humor. Humour?
  5. Amy Sedaris
    Okay I didn't actually search for her yet.
  6. Oliver Hudson
    Suggested by @d3j2caliman
  7. Neil Patrick Harris
    Also haven't checked to see if he's on already. Update: He is! Of course he is...