16 filipino dishes you need in your life

growing up, i pretty much had filipino food 75% of the time. nowadays my parents have decided to forgo it and experiment with other intl food. but when it's time for filipino cuisine, these are the dishes they turn to and i NEVER EVER refuse... P.S. there is never a RIGHT way to cook these recipes. why? BC MOM AND DAD RULE ALL #HOMEMADEROCKS 🙃
  1. 1.
    Pancit Canton
    shrimp, pork, chicken , snow peas, carrots... all kinds of deliciousness / image via kawaling pinoy
  2. 2.
    basically THE dish. thanks spain! chicken, pork, beef... whatever floats your boat. ALL DELICIOUS. i personally like my adobo kind of saucy instead of soupy (yay, dad. sorry, mom.) / image via kawaling pinoy
  3. 3.
    Sinigang Na Baka
    our version of chicken noodle soup. my favorite especially during the wintertime / image via kawaling pinoy
  4. 4.
    Lumpia Shanghai
    another necessity. i eat mine with tomato ketchup but everyone else eats it with banana ketchup... / image via kawaling pinoy
  5. 5.
    THE. BEST. BREAKFAST. SAUSAGE. EVER. sure it looks like an oily mess but it's so good / image via kawaling pinoy
  6. 6.
    instead of posting a photo of the whole pig (brought out especially for big celebrations like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, and just because), here is a photo of lechon in pieces. looks much more appetizing / image via kawaling pinoy
  7. 7.
    Banana Turon
    it's a lumpia/eggroll style dessert filled with bananas and jackfruit... and covered in good ol' sugar. i can down ten of these bad boys / image via kawaling pinoy
  8. 8.
    milk, crushed ice, coconut, jellies, mango ice cream, ube ice cream, and all kinds of weirdness. mix it all up and you have the perfect summer treat / image via new york times
  9. 9.
    Leche Flan
    ok this is not necessarily a FILIPINO dessert but it's still damn good / image via kawaling pinoy
  10. 10.
    Cassava Cake
    another delicious coconut and milk concoction. bake in a container using banana leaves as liner for a lil authenticity / image via kawaling pinoy
  11. 11.
    for some reason i despise ube (maybe because i had ube birthday cake all my life up until i told my parents I WANT CHOCOLATE). but ube extract? i don't mind at all. / image via kawaling pinoy
  12. 12.
    Rice Cake
    ok there's a fancy name for it: bibingkang malagkit. but because my parents were lazy, they told the kids "it's rice cake. there." it's rice (obviously) with a whole bunch of sugar. so good / image via kawaling pinoy
  13. 13.
    Puto/Cheese Puto
    ok, so the name can be... offensive. but, seriously, that's what we call this dessert. it has flour and condensed milk with cheese? count me in. and it's super delicious when it's warm. tastes like home / image via kawaling pinoy
  14. 14.
    cheese. sugar. bread. done. / image via delishably
  15. 15.
    Frozen Brazo de Mercedes
    it took me forever to search for this. it's a frozen custard cream graham cracker heaven on a plate. add mango for ten times the deliciousness. / image via house of silvanas
  16. 16.
    boring, yes. delicious, yes. FRESH FRUIT IN THE PHILIPPINES. definitely trumps everything else. / image via footprints and memories
  17. 17.
    6 out of 16 are desserts. Do you now know what my favorite Filipino dishes are?
    yes they all involve carbs, sugar, and frying. THE BEST.