if you've never seen any of these movies, we CANNOT be friends

please watch at least 1 or 2 of them (better yet, ALL).
  1. The Sound of Music
    it's julie andrews AND christopher plummer. done.
  2. Annie
    the 1982 version with carol burnett
  3. Erin Brockovich
    if you've never seen at least one, you do not exist in my world
  5. Mulan
    in my mind she IS a disney princess. A BAD ASS DISNEY PRINCESS.
  6. Remember the Titans
    i am a sucker for all inspirational sports movies 🙃
  7. West Side Story
    the dancing rocks my socks off
  8. The Little Rascals
    come on...
  9. The Sandlot
    another "come on..."
  10. Saving Private Ryan
    IDK i just like it
  11. Angela's Ashes
    another IDK. Read the book, wanted the movie, liked it. It was funny, sad, heartbreaking.
  12. My Fair Lady
    damn. another movie musical!
  13. To Kill A Mockingbird
    c l a s s i c (also gregory peck is my ultimate celebrity crush 😍)
  14. ...and there's more but i haven't had coffee so i cannot think 🙃