Sequel to my Notable Places I've Cried At List 📝 Notable Places I Have Cried At
  1. Buffalo
    Just an uneasy feeling that I'm going on a trip by myself without my mom, and that if this JetBlue goes down, this will be the last time she sees me, and not even in Canadian soil (I was clearly overthinking things obvs)
  2. Los Angeles
    Just not ready to go back to my normal life in Toronto after a wonderful three week trip. Starbucks helped from having some tears. Maybe just sad I didn't run into @mindy (Times I was in LA, she was always in NY, I don't get it!!)
  3. Boston
    Just a mini freak out that my plane arrived late and I might not make my connection
  4. Bangkok
    Was just upset we couldn't stay longer, cause I loved Bangkok SO MUCH. But we were also running out of bahts so yeah we really had to go home 😟
  5. Cebu City
    Didn't cry here, just not very good memories here because AAALLLLLLLL THE DELAYS holy shit. I'm surprised I didn't cry of frustration with Air Asia
  6. Manila
    Somehow I don't have any memories of crying here? I feel like this is just one gigantic lie. Edit: YUP. It's a lie. I've cried here too!!
  7. Total airports I've been to: 10
  8. Airports I didn't cry at: 4