Requested by @kellydehoop, which is funny, because I'm actually working on a similar list! I wouldn't say I've been to a lot of concerts (9 to date, maybe?), but these are defs the ones that blew me away.
  1. Phoenix at The Grove Music Festival, Fort Garrison Commons, August 2013
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    Holy shit blew me away. I loved them before, but their live performance is at a whole other level! They're sooo good, I have no words. I always watch their Lollapalooza footage, which is the same set list when I'm feeling down. It reminds me of one of my happiest moments and I immediately feel better.
  2. CHVRCHES at The Danforth Music Hall, October 2015
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    I was a badass VIP on this one, with the meet & greet, skipping lines and being at the front. It was great. It was fun meeting Lauren, Iain and Martin, they were so nice!! They're one of my fave bands and I didn't know what to say and just froze. The show is a whole other thing – it was SUCH a fun show. It's literally one big dance party, and they sound amaaazingg!! The stage is pretty cool too. I'd actually tie this to #1 with Phoenix, but I didn't cry, so it has to be #2.
  3. Purity Ring at Sound Academy, October 2015
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    Easily one of my faves and one that really surprised me. They are holy shit so much better live. I loved their little remixes that adds to that concert-going experience. And their stage/installation art. Literally blew me away. It was so cool. I'd pay to see them even if it's just for the stage.
  4. Honourable Mention: One Direction at Rogers Centre, Where We Are Tour, August 2014
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    While it's not something I often talk about (I'm a closeted 1D fan), it'd be a lie to say I didn't enjoy the show. It was so much fun and I'm super glad I went as Midnight Memories is by far my fave album. I was dancing and singing my lungs out all night. Niall really made the show for me. He's great and energetic on stage, it was a joy to watch. Unlike Zayn… I had pact with my friend we wouldn't post anything about it on social media or mention it to anyone, so LOL
  5. Honourable Mention: The 1975 at Kool Haus (RIP), November 2014
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    Dammit I had so much fun at this show. They're great live. There's so much fucking teeny boppers (it's all ages) at this show, but Matty Healy was a joy to watch slowly undressing as the show progresses and just laughing at how fucking high and drunk he is. Great show nonetheless and I had so much fun. My friend almost got hit on the head with a drum sticks in the end 🙃