At Humber College–Lakeshore in Toronto (or should I say Etobicoke?!?!?), from the view of an always sleep-deprived, commuting Graphic Design student. I've been out of there for almost two years now, but I stand behind these napping spots
  1. The booths in the cafeteria in the L Building
    The most perfect napping spot 💯. I just get my friends to sit there during our break (if we even get a spot!!!) and I just nap until our next class. The best because nobody can actually see you, and only my friends judge but they don't count
  2. The public/HSF Mac Lab in F basement, before renovation
    I would just sit at the very end, by the wall, and it's far enough that nobody knows you're there or what the hell you're doing. Fave spot in first year, hands down.
  3. Meeting booths in F basement, post renovation
    This is my favourite thing to ever come out of the F basement renovation - booths! They're the best because booths = privacy, but only if you're with friends. These booths were often shared with randomly, but nobody really cares because us artsy kids tend to be nice to each other.
  4. F building, 2nd floor Mac lab
    The chairs in this room were my faaave. They're really comfy, so I usually arrive here an hour early (just how my commuting schedule worked) for class and napped. It was always a wonderful nap.
  5. L building, 3rd floor couches, with the view
    Probably my favourite spot to nap during second year. These couches are surprisingly comfy. You'd just drag a couch and face it to a window and nobody would bug you. Perfff.
  6. L building, 5th floor couches
    This used to be a little deserted and made for a private, quiet nap, until the video kids took over the dual screen labs and it's gotten noisy, specially after 3pm. It's nice around 6.30pm though when I'm just waiting for my dad to pick me up and I sneak a 10min nap after working for so long.
  7. F building, main floor couches
    This is a high trafficked area, but by the time I was in third year, my final year, I really didn't give two shits where I napped. I was tired, I'd take a nap where ever somewhat comfy. They replaced the couches here with the same one-person couches in the L building, so it was actually nice.
  8. I miss Humber 💔
    I went to Sheridan College–Trafalgar for a year after I went to Humber and honestly, I hated it. The campus was cramped af, there was no good chill place to work and no place to nap. Maybe that's why I dropped out… (I mean like not in the bad sense cause I did have my advanced diploma from Humber and all, so I'm not exactly a college dropout)