This was a weird week, we got catered lunches almost everyday?!?!? What the hellllll
  1. Tuesday: Pizza
    Yaaassss 🍕🍕🍕
  2. Wednesday: Shawarma and Salad
    I came back from buying a frozen dinner from the nearby grocery to shawarma. I was so mad. The shawarma was on point tho
  3. Thursday: Indian
    Little known fact: I'm a little hesitant about Indian food (it's very fragrant). But I buckled up and tried my very first Indian meal, tried a little of everything and you know what, it wasn't terrible!! In fact, I actually quite enjoyed it! I'll defs have butter chicken, extra sauce more times in my life
  4. Friday: Chinese
    Because we just had to follow up Indian food with Chinese. I'm Asian and I know my Chinese food, but I wasn't as happy as Indian??
  5. I hear a possibility of catered lunch again on Tuesday
    We better get Thai or idk idk I just want pad Thai ok