I'd throw all my monies the second these announces a show date in Toronto. Some of these I might even plan trips for.
  1. Lorde
  2. Halsey
    Just because I can't see her tonight because I can't pay scalpers 😫 she's so good and I'm in love with every single song on Badlands.
  3. Metric
    One of the first ~indie~ bands I started listening to, so it's like a must
  4. Haim
    They were love at first listen, and I think they'd put on such a fun show! Also, come out with a new album already!!
  5. Passion Pit
    Forever upset for missing them while I was on vacation. Even my friend didn't go because I couldn't (omg isn't that what friendship is or what!!!) It's already one of my top 5 favourite concerts and I haven't even been
  6. Ellie Goulding
    So much love. My dream music festival lineup is with Ellie and Florence. I'd die happily 💗
  7. Jessie J
    She blew me away at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremonies and I vowed to see her perform the next time she steps foot in Toronto. That just had to happen 2 days after Passion Pit while I was on vacation. Would've been the most amazing week of MY LIFEEE
  8. Florence + the Machine
    One of my all time fave artists who I think can do no wrong. I especially want to see her at a music festival, her favourite venue to play at.
  9. Beyoncé
    Because Queen 👑. I've dreamed of seeing her live since the height of their Destiny's Child days.
  10. Adele
    Actual bigger queen than Bey. Willing to throw all my monies to see her perform. Her Live at The Royal Albert Hall album is one of my all time favourite albums. I'm ready to experience this amazingness.