This mental list is getting too complicated, better write it down
  1. This is really more for me. If you've seen any of them, please let me know how they are!! ❤️
  2. Daughter, March 8th
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    Not sure. Idk if I like them enough? I only offered to ask my friend cause I *think* she likes them?? Tickets go on sale Dec. 4 at 10am
  3. Metric & Death Cab for Cutie, March 23rd
    Kinda want to go cause I looove Metric and it's one of my friend's all time favourite band. Just not sure if I want to see them at an arena show? It's a little expensive and I always imagined I'd see them at a music festival (Osheaga, maybe??) in the middle of summer. We'll see…
  4. The 1975, May 20th
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    A little more expensive than when we went last year, but I'm not buying one from StubHub!!! Live Nation presale on sale Dec. 10 at 10am
  5. Ellie Goulding, June 19
    Kinda expensive (I want pit tix), so idk idk. I reaaally like her. Crossing my fingers I actually have friends to go with!!
  6. Unannounced Adele Concert
    Literally waiting for this day. Ready to throw lots of monies that I don't have to see her. Might even cut back on concerts.