Fictional and celebrity crushes, duh. Feel free to add suggestions! I'll add to this as I remember more. Edit: updated to add Aaron Carter and Justin Timberlake. I'll add photos later!
  1. 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio
    I saw him on the Titanic and I fell in love. He was adorable. He's my very first celebrity crush I could remember
  2. Shang from Mulan
    It's very possible to have a crush on cartoons. Shang is hot as hell. Do you see those cartoon muscles!? He's ripped!! That crush comes back when I rewatch Mulan today.
  3. Westley, The Princess Bride
    "As you wish" *swoon swoon swoon*
    Suggested by @thecomicswife
  4. Justin Timberlake of NSYNC
    The first of my boyband crushes. I was a child then. I can't even Justify (see what I did there!?)
  5. 2001 Aaron Carter
    Oh my god. This list is getting so embarrassing. Remember when he went on Lizzie McGuire? #Dead. I was 8.
  6. Solo Justin Timberlake
    I'm a little older now and so is he. And oooh, now we're talking. Plz have my babies.
  7. Trent from 'Daria'
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    Suggested by @Celina
  8. Zac Efron, 17 Again
    I loved Zac in High School Musical. He was a cutie. What preteen would think otherwise!? But 17 Again came out. I lost it. He was so beyond good looking in this movie, I can't.
  9. Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl
    Blake Lively was my girl crush, and Penn Badgley was my guy crush. Those curls really turned on teenaged me. Until he grew it too long. Then I moved on…
  10. Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl
    Dan/Serena started getting boring so I moved on to Chuck/Blair, and suddenly Chuck stated getting really attractive to me. And that low voice when he talks. That was hot 🔥
  11. Thomas Mars of Phoenix
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    Always had an old guy crush lol on Thomas since I discovered Phoenix. I saw them in concert once and that that crush only heightened. He's good looking. Damn. Sophia Coppola is lucky.
  12. Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project
    Thank you @mindy for gracing our screens with this beauty. He's a little flawed, but I still want my own real life Danny Castellano.