Just throwing some ideas around. These are aside from the usual “something unique (cheap) thing where you're from and handmade gifts,” because I'll surely love those as well!
  1. Any one of those things you might put in your nieces’ stockings
    I'd enjoy whatever dinky cheap thing she's getting, I swear! Even if it's lip balm, that's cool!! Maybe just not the My Little Pony…
  2. If you're into baking, cookies 🍪🍪
    Or any baked good. You can send this right??
  3. Fuzzy socks?
    It gets cold in Canada, so never enough fuzzy socks!
  4. I like sweets btw
    Can't go wrong with chocolate where you're from! 🍫🍫
  5. ✨Anything you think I'd like based on my lists?☄✨
    Actually super curious what you'd take away from reading my lists!! (Do you think I'm super girly? Idk maybe? Not really??)
  6. A handwritten note 💌
    Tell me about your day, your plans for the holidays, new year's resolution you'll give up on Jan. 3rd… let's be friends!!
  7. Just a little more about me:
    I like jewelry and cute, whimsical, bright colored, patterned-anything. I'm basically a little 12 year old girl.
  8. ✖️Maybe don't send me books?✖️
    I just won't get around to reading it, I think.
  9. Thank you so much and I'm sure I'll love whatever you send me! 💗