Going to concerts is one of my absolute favourite things to do, aside from travelling, and I hope to continue adding on to this list 😊
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    Florence + The Machine, August 2012
    My very first one, where it all started 💗 I hardly even listened to Florence then. It was a free mini show at Corus Quay. Everyone was taller than me, and I saw nothing, but she sounded amazing, she became a favourite overnight 💕
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    Tokyo Police Club, June 2013
    Also at Corus Quay, it was some free Red Bull tour bus thing. It rained before they played, but stopped when they started playing. It was a miracle. They're pretty fun live!
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    Marianas Trench, July 2013
    We got level 500 seats for $20. It was more of an impulse thing really. I wanted to take my little brother to his first show, my (then) best guy friend in tow. Remains to be the only show I didn't go to with @shani.
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    Phoenix (The Grove Music Festival), August 2013
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    Won tickets from the radio haha! Phoenix was one of my all time favourite bands, so I enjoyed this an incredible amount and ugh I think this is still my #1 fave concert I've ever been to!!
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    One Direction, August 2014
    Where We Are Tour. I didn't tell anyone I went cause I don't need any judgements!! I had so much fun! We got floor seats for almost half price, which was craaay
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    The 1975, November 2014
    Scowered the Internet for tickets for weeeeeks. I was desperate. We still paid more than face value and I'm pretty sure it just offset what we saved from 1D. Lots of teeny boppers. Matty Healy slowly undressed throughout the show, it was wonderful 💞
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    Broods, March 2015
    Georgia has amaaazing pipes 🎶 So ridiculously impressed at her key changes and transitions. And did I mention she's gorgeous!? Major girlcrush! They're one of the softer bands I listen to, but their show was energetic and really enjoyable. I loved it! This should've been an honourable mention in my best concert list.
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    Best Coast at NXNE, June 2015
    It was a free show at NXNE. She was meh. I like a handful of her songs, but I didn't get the happy California sunshine vibe that I get from her listening songs from her performance. I mean, it was nice hearing them live, but I'm sad I didn't enjoy them 😕 New Pornographers, which I also didn't mind, played after them, but I had to go.
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    CHVRCHES, October 2015
    One of the funnest shows I've ever been to. This was just a week or two after Every Open Eye was released so my love for the new album was still there. The show was just one big dance party. I loved it‼️ Also got to meet the band and was treated VIP, so that made it extra wonderful! 💖
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    Purity Ring, October 2015
    One of the few shows I went with my squad 👯👯 Such an incredibly fun show. Meghan was amazing. Their lights set ✨ is 👌🏼👌🏼I'd see them again even just for their stage
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    Daughter, March 2016
    Eeee‼️ I love them so much live! They're one of the quiet bands I like to listen to when I just want background music. Seeing them live is a whole other experience! I appreciate them a lot more live, so I'd see them again for sure!!
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    The Naked and Famous, April 2016
    Purchased tickets already!
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    Adele, October 2016
    Got my nosebleed tickets already✌🏼