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    Santa never used the same wrapping paper
    Not one that we had lying around the house. I guess this was important because I've been helping my mom wrap presents since I could hold scissors.
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    His handwriting was nothing like neither of my parents' 📝
    It was literal shit. Probably because our maid wrote it with her left hand. Or one year, a calligrapher wrote it, and one year it was made with magazine letter clippings. If not, somebody, my dad's coworkers, neighbour, someone's handwriting I'm not familiar with wrote it. They KNEW I'd over analyze it. I'm obsessed with people's handwriting.
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    I never caught them put it out 🎁🎄
    Because I think our maid did! And because we come home at 2:30 am from grandma's house and Santa dropped by already, obviously!!
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    The wrapping was never perfect
    It always looked half ass done? My 💯 gift wrapping skills came from somewhere so I guess it'd be suspicious if Santa also had perfect wrapping skills?? Of course I commented on it, then my parents just reassured me the elves were rushing. It was on purpose.
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    Basically, Santa's present was the easiest to identify and looked the most different
    I think that was always the point? That I could spot it all the way from my bedroom!?
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    My parents were such experts at it
    They lead me to believe for so fucking long. They're SO good.
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    I joking asked them today
    They still answer that he exists. They STILL deny that our maid did any of it, because Santa did, not her!! And when I asked if Santa's coming, Mom said to "check Google's Santa Tracker" 😂 Thanks for keeping his spirit alive, Mommy and Daddy❣
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    So props to Mom and Dad, you produced a 22-year-old that still semi-believes in Santa Claus 🎅🏼❤️
    Have you ever seen Polar Express? I'm the parent at the end of the movie - I could still hear the bell ring 🔔
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    Merry Christmas, List App!! 🎄💕