Wrote this right after writing this list: https://li.st/l/4iD94A3DidFcdAFmetbAa, when I lost my $20, cause there are things to still smile about even after losing monies haha
  1. I got to see my college friends! 💖
    I spent three years and almost all my classes with these crazy kids. We hardly see each other since graduation, but our carefully planned outings are always the best!
  2. I now fit at Topshop
    I used to wear a size 14/16, so often times I can't just walk into a store and have things fit. Today, I tried on a US size 10 coat at Topshop and fit amazingly. Tears of joy 😅
  3. I got two dresses from Forever 21 for $4.89 each
    I already thought it was a steal with the $6.99 price tag, yet there was still discounts at the register! Yay!!! 🎉🎉
  4. Just spending the whole days with my friends was great and made me really happy ok
    It's like a fun little reunion every time!! 👯👯